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Who We Are

Situated in Looe, Cornwall, Ocean Harvest is a distinguished Wholesale Fish Merchants dedicated to providing our customers with superior products at competitive prices. Our extensive services include expert product sourcing, precise fish processing, and impeccable presentation. Since our inception in 2000, our unwavering goal has been to secure the freshest beamed and day boat quality fish from environmentally conscious vessels. As responsible fish merchants, we prioritize collaboration with fishermen who share our commitment to sustainability.

Fishing Net

Where It All Began

Ocean Harvest originated in 2000 as a modest wet fish shop founded by Andrew Trust, a seasoned professional with decades of diverse experience in the fish trade. Having apprenticed under his father's guidance since a young age, Andrew took on various roles in the industry, including serving as the auctioneer for Looe fish market during its peak success.

Shortly after establishing the fish shop in 2000, Andrew discerned a robust demand for wholesale fish. Consequently, he made the strategic decision to sell the wet fish shop, focusing instead on supplying the U.K. with premium, fresh Cornish fish. In 2013, Andrew's son, Sam, left school to continue the family tradition, stepping into his father's footsteps and ensuring the legacy of Ocean Harvest perseveres.

As One Door Closes...

Since the closure of the Looe fish market in 2019, we've extended our reach by acquiring fish from the Brixham and Plymouth fish markets. Despite this expansion, our primary focus remains on the Looe day boats, captained by the same skilled fishermen. We make a deliberate effort to source from day boat trawlers whenever possible, ensuring that the fish reaches our customers within a swift 48-hour period, going directly from the sea to their tables. Our commitment to minimal stockholding underscores our dedication to delivering the freshest seafood consistently.

Fish being filleted
Lorry doing distribution


Each day, our fish is transported to the market fridge on pallets, in preparation for Cornwall Transport to collect. Cornwall Transport and Quayside Distribution work along side each other to transport the fish to you, our customers.
We have worked with both companies since we started and have great trust in each companies professionalism and reliability.

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